NBCUniversal: Brand Stars

With a broad spectrum of content that spans NBCUniversal's networks including NBC, USA, Bravo, Syfy and Telemundo, NBCU Television Consumer Products has enhanced and extended the popularity of numerous primetime properties with various creative products, promotions and partnerships.

Niemi with Joni Camacho, marketing director; Christopher Lucero, director of global consumer products; and Kerry O'Donnell, director of global licensing.

From its blockbuster reality shows to its cable networks series to its classic programs, NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products has leveraged a plethora of popular hits into a burgeoning brand licensing business. 

Kim Niemi, senior vice president, NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products

With the second season of "Fashion Star" set to debut next month and several other hit series on-air and in the pipeline, NBCU TV Consumer Products Group is poised for continued growth based on a simple strategy that encompasses a culture of collaboration, from the support of company executives, to the creative input of producers and actors, to an innovative approach that leverages the scope of its properties beyond the basics of licensing. 








Laura Caraccioli, president, Electus

With such a powerful portfolio of diverse content, NBCU TV CPG is focused on identifying the unique elements of each property and creating the appropriate products that appeal to a consummate and enduring fan base while driving retail sales of licensed merchandise worldwide.


For Kim Niemi, senior vice president, NBCU TV CPG, the mantra is simple:

"We are looking for things that are absolutely going to pop–things that we know our fans are either craving or looking for that are an organic part of the show that will be an amazing marketing and licensing opportunity," explains Niemi. "The phenomenal support that the cast, producers and current executives give us is what helps make all of our products resonate with fans.

"The fact is that our products are so genuine and fun and are not created just for placement in shows, but are truly a derivative of the organic humor or drama. The level of detail and creativity is what drives our products."


NBCU TV CPG, along with its sister division, Universal Partnerships and Licensing on the theatrical side, have reported a consistent increase in retail sales of licensed merchandise worldwide over the past several years. According to the exclusive Top 125 Global Licensors report, published annually by License! Global, NBCU's combined television and theatrical consumer products revenue topped $1.3 billion in 2011.

The lineup of television and cable properties is quite an impressive and diverse list–and albeit an enviable list–of primetime reality shows, dramas, sitcoms and classics that might seem to offer unlimited licensing possibilities. However, the consumer products team is very diligent about only pursuing very specific opportunities that offer organic interpretations that would appeal to a rabid and increasingly interactive fan base that cuts across various demographic and age groups.

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