Music E-Commerce Services Merge

Transom Capital Group, owner of the entertainment licensing and merchandising businesses, BandMerch and Cinder Block, has acquired Topspin Media’s music e-commerce platform from Beats Music.

Beats bought the company just a month ago and will continue to own and operate the marketing portion of the business.

Transom plans to combine its BandMerch and Cinder Block divisions with Topspin for more comprehensive e-commerce site offerings and products from sports and music entertainment artists.

Among the performers now included in the combined company’s roster are The Who, Manchester United, Kid Rock, Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, The National, Flogging Molly and more.

Topspin will operate uninterrupted during the transition with new services to be added soon.

“We could not be happier about acquiring Topspin as it gives us a world-class e-commerce infrastructure along with a sophisticated customer relationship management application that will allow us to offer a greater level of service to our clients,” says Jason Greene, chief executive officer, BandMerch/Cinder Block. “In addition, we will be able to offer a new level of service to Topspin’s clients that want to supercharge their live event merchandise and retail presence.”