memBrain to Rep Milian Brand


The licensing firm memBrain has been appointed to build a licensing program for singer-songwriter Christina Milian’s new brand Shelby Star.

Co-created by Milian and her mother/manager Carmen, the brand centers on a 12-year-old girl who aspires to dream big and reach for the stars. Featuring a diverse lineup of supporting characters and close ties to the music industry, the new merchandise program for the brand will be designed to appeal to Milian’s global fan base as well as tween girls.

memBrain plans to build the brand with a design-forward program that will have extensions in animation, publishing, toys, apparel and accessories.

“Kids today seek authenticity from their favorite music artists to the brands they wear,” says Jennifer Sullivan, president, memBrain. “We are thrilled to work with Christina and Carmen because they bring a level of real-world credibility to this property. Shelby Star is poised to be a leading children’s entertainment brand because it demonstrates how real kids can achieve their dreams through creativity and tenacity and it legitimately comes from industry insiders who know what it takes to make it big.”