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Henson Secures New Global Sales


The Jim Henson Company has finalized multiple international sales for its animated preschool series “Dinosaur Train,” the interactive series “Sid the Science Kid” and the first-ever feature-length program for “Sid the Science Kid.”

In France, national public broadcaster France Télévisions has bought season two of “Dinosaur Train,” as well as Sid the Science Kid: The Movie. Canal+’s children’s satellite channel, Piwi, will also air season two of “Dinosaur Train” in France.

Portugal’s children’s cable channel, Canal Panda, has licensed seasons one and two of both “Dinosaur Train” and “Sid the Science Kid.”

 State-owned public television broadcaster ERT in Greece also picked up season one both series.

And in Canada, TFO, the French-language public television station in Ontario, has acquired broadcasting rights for the second season of “Dinosaur Train,” Knowledge, the viewer-supported public broadcaster in British Columbia, Canada, has also picked up season two of the series.