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Godzilla Rage Across Time NFT Challenge Announced by Topps

Topps has debuted a Collection Challenge for the recently released 2021 Godzilla Rage Across Time NFT Collection.

Released in October, the Godzilla NFT Collection celebrates the iconic monsters of the Godzilla universe through traditional and original art, collages, 3D collectibles and more.  

The Collection Challenge invites collectors, both existing and prospective Godzilla NFT owners, to acquire specific collectibles from the set for a chance to earn eight unique, limited-edition awards. The Collection Challenge runs through Dec. 22 at 12:22 p.m. EST, at which time Topps will take a snapshot of Topps NFT collections that meet the various challenge criteria and distribute collectible prizes.  

The eight challenges focus on three collectible types from the 2021 Godzilla Rage Across Time NFT Collection: base collectibles, comic pages and traditional art.  

"We saw tremendous interest in Toho's iconic franchise when we first announced the Godzilla Rage Across Time NFT Collection at New York Comic Con earlier this year," says Tobin Lent, vice president, global general manager, Topps Digital sports and entertainment, The Topps Company. "Our aim was to create a fun community event that encourages collectors to revisit their collection, buy NFTs they may have missed during the initial sale, and resell collectibles from their collection that will be highly sought after by those looking to complete these challenges." 

The Topps Collection Challenges include:

  • Base Collectibles 
    • Collect all 20 Base MAGENTA Collectibles 
    • Collect all 20 Base BLUE Collectibles 
  • Comic Pages  
    • Collect all 17 UNCOMMON B&W Comic Pages 
    • Collect all 17 RARE Color Comic Pages 
    • Collect all 17 SUPER RARE Animated Comic Pages 
  • Traditional Art  
    • Collect all 10 UNCOMMON B&W Variant Traditional Art NFTs 
    • Collect all 10 UNCOMMON CMYK Variant Traditional Art NFTs  
    • Collect all 10 RARE Static Color Traditional Art NFTs 


Each challenge offers a unique reward, with reward details being made available the week of Dec. 13. Participants have the freedom to complete one or more of the challenges and are not required to meet them in any set order to be eligible for each challenge's prize. The goal is to have the designated NFTs in an account's collection before the end of the program. 

Godzilla Rage Across Time NFTs are exclusively available to collectors via the Topps NFT Marketplace.  

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