GD Entertainment Invests in Imira


The boutique investment company GD Entertainment Fund has signed its first multi-project deal to co-finance a slate of original Imira Entertainment programming.

The deal will complete the funding of two animated properties: “Lucky Fred” (104 x 12) and “Bat Pat” (52 x 11), which are now greenlit for production, as well as covering a percentage of the budget for the two new shows “Escape Hockey” (26 x 26) and “Mondo Yan” (52 x 12).

GD Entertainment Fund will makes its inaugural visit to MIPCOM and MIPJunior next week to look for investment in entertainment and digital IP across all entertainment genres.

“We are heading to MIPCOM looking to extend and diversify our portfolio with IP from a variety of genres and sources. This deal (with Imira) signifies a strong start for GD Entertainment Fund,” says Jesús Adrián, co-chief executive officer and general managing partner, GD Entertainment Fund.