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Digital Dolly Parton Appears in 'Solitaire Cruise'

AppLovin A digitized Dolly Parton for Solitare Cruise
Dolly Parton makes a virtual guest appearance in Belka Games’ “Solitaire Cruise.” 

Belka Games, a mobile game developer and AppLovin partner studio, has announced a character creation of country singer Dolly Parton will make a guest appearance in “Solitaire Cruise,” in a partnership facilitated by IMG.  

In “Solitaire Cruise,” the digital Parton welcomes passengers aboard and leads a tutorial on how to play the game. Parton encourages players to join many new events, from participating in cooking classes to securing season passes. Players will follow a storyline with hilarious situations and ultimately discover why Parton is cruising along with players – her destination is the Country Music Festival. 

“We were thrilled to bring Dolly Parton – a global icon whose influence continues to be felt and recognized in the entertainment industry and beyond – aboard ‘Solitaire Cruise,’” says Tatyana Zvanskaya, senior marketing producer, Belka Games. “In the game, Dolly is full of surprises to keep players engaged and on their toes in a once-in-a-lifetime cruise adventure.” 

“Who says playing games takes at least two people,” says Parton “Not me! My new appearance in the ‘Solitaire Cruise’ game is a terrific way to test your skills at a classic game we all love. So, play a round or two today, and good luck!”  

Parton’s guest appearance in the game will be available through April. 


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