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CASETiFY Unveils ‘Squid Game’ Collection

The lifestyle brand taps the Netflix series for a new lineup of tech accessories.

CASETiFY has announced an exclusive collaboration inspired by the Netflix series, “Squid Game.” The series has taken the world by storm and is now partnering up with CASETiFY to introduce a range of tech accessories – giving players and fans an advantage to protect their tech. 

The collection includes designs and references from the show, with a nod to the games, invitations and uniforms. Fans can feel part of the experience through customizable designs resembling elements from the hit series.  

Personalized designs give customers the option to dress their tech in the player tracksuit – choosing the number of their favorite player from 001 to 456. Whether it’s the infamous Young-hee doll in the first game of red-light green-light or the intricate tracing of dalgona, customers can determine their fate with the CASETiFY lineup of protective accessories. 

"There’s no denying that Squid Game grabbed the world’s attention with its complex characters, riveting story-telling,” says Wes Ng, chief executive officer and co-founder, CASETiFY. “It’s what inspired us as a global brand to create a collection with elements from the series that resonate with audiences all over the world, celebrating this moment in entertainment history.” 

Designs in the collection extend to iPhone, Samsung phones, AirPods, watch bands, and a specialty Magsafe wireless charger made to resemble the viral dalgona challenge. Devoted fans can also secure a limited-edition “Squid Game” design sold exclusively on the CASETiFY Co-Lab app.  

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