Canadian Ad Character to Get TV Show

Canadian phone company Koodo Mobile has entered into a global rights deal with Camillion to bring its animated advertising character El Tabador to a live-action sitcom.

El Tabador is a tiny, masked Lucha Libre wrestler who lives in a giant world. Over the past four years, he has won over Canadians with his gift of gab, muscle-flexing physical comedy and overpowering confidence as he starred in Koodo advertising campaigns.

Camillion, which is led by former WWE senior executive Carl Demarco, is now planning to bring the character to a new kind of TV audience with a series that will be targeted to families with a specific focus on wrestling fans.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Koodo to break the traditional barriers of marketing, sponsorship and advertising,” says Kevin Banderk, chief Koodo officer, Koodo. “We’re excited for the chance to further entrench El Tabador into popular culture.”

Check out one of El Tabador’s recent ads:

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