C3 Plans Three Stooges DVD Box Set

The new box set will feature over 40 hours of content.

NORTH AMERICA–C3 Entertainment has partnered will Mill Creek Entertainment to create a DVD box set featuring the largest collection of Three Stooges content.

The DVD box set, titled Big Box of Nyuks DVD Collection, features 42.5 hours of content and will include The Three Stooges–Six Movie Collection, The Three Stooges–The Complete Animated Series,” the documentary The Three Stooges–Hey Moe, Hey Dad!, “The Three Stooges–Rare Treasures from the Vault,” The Three Stooges TV movie and a raft of bonus content.

Big Box of Nyuks will be available at retail, online and at ShopKnuckleheads.com on Oct. 17.

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