C3 Plans Three Stooges Coloring Books, Prints

Larry, Moe and Curly’s classic movie posters inspire new collection of prints from Fantoons.

NORTH AMERICA–C3 Entertainment has partnered with Fantoons Animation Studio for collectible art prints and coloring books inspires by The Three Stooges. 

Fantoons will now develop a series of art prints and coloring pages that celebrate The Three Stooges’ classic movie posters. 

“Fantoons is not only going to be featuring The Three Stooges in a set of art prints, but we’ll also be producing coloring books that will feature the lovable characters Larry, Moe and Curly,” says David Calcano, creative director, Fantoons. “The prints will parody classic Stooges’ movie posters, and there will be some comic strips for collectors to enjoy. We really wanted to do coloring books too so that both collectors and a new generation of fans will have a cool and interactive way to experience The Three Stooges.”

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