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BitTrunks Announces Release of World’s First NFT Art Made by an Elephant

Features painting created by 7-year-old Tunwa.

BitTrunks, the NFT branch of Elephant Art Online, has announced its initial NFT (non-fungible token) release featuring the first NFT created by an elephant. The artwork was produced by Tunwa, a 7-year-old elephant born and raised at the Maetaeng Elephant Park & Clinic in Thailand. 

The NFT will include video and photos of Tunwa manipulating paintbrushes with his trunk under the direction of his mahout (keeper) while creating a Tree of Life painting. The NFT will also provide content including outtakes of Tunwa painting, interacting with other elephants in his habitat and a digitally verifiable certificate of authenticity of the painting. 

The Tunwa release marks BitTrunks’ entrance into the crypto marketplace. To place a bid on the 1-of-1 Tree of Life item, visit the BitTrunks page on The auction opens Oct. 28 at 9:30 a.m. EDT and closes Nov. 4 at noon EDT. The winner will receive ownership of the NFT, a canvas of the painting and certificate of authenticity encased in a plexiglass frame. 

“We are thrilled to present to collectors and investors alike the first tokenized painting made by the most talented and artistic elephant in the world,” says Dwain Schenck, co-head, BitTrunks. “This marks a first in the NFT space for the world’s largest land mammal to create a non-fungible token whose qualities rivals that of a human artist. This is also a historically-unique investment opportunity where a portion of the sales proceeds will help support the elephant park where TW lives alongside more than 80 other elephants, as well as the lifesaving medical clinic run by the park.” 

BitTrunks will continue to add NFTs for investors and collectors.  

“Our aim is to create a unique offering that will act as a profitable investment vehicle while at the same time generate needed funds for our elephant park and clinic to survive and thrive,” says Schenck. 


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