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BBC Studios, CCP Games Unite for ‘Doctor Who’ Game Collab

BBC Studios The BBC Studios logo
Fans can challenge the “Doctor Who” Daleks in the first major cross-IP collaboration for EVE Online.

CCP Games and BBC Studios have joined forces for EVE Online x Doctor Who, an original crossover event between the action-adventure series, “Doctor Who,” and the free-to-play MMO EVE Online. The event goes from Jan. 13 until Feb. 1. 

“2022 will be off to an (inter)stellar start with EVE Online x ‘Doctor Who,’” says Bergur Finnbogason, creative director, EVE Online. “We are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in EVE Online. Collaborating with BBC Studios gives us the opportunity to pay homage to an iconic series that has inspired us at CCP. We hope you’ll join us in New Eden on Jan. 13 to see what happens when galaxies collide!” 

“EVE Online x ‘Doctor Who’ not only brings two iconic universes together, but also the passionate Whovians with the just-as-passionate pilots of New Eden,” says Kevin Jorge, senior producer, BBC Studios, “By bringing the fanbases together, the already massive battles of EVE Online are sure to become even more explosive. Only time will tell if New Eden’s fiercest pilots have what it takes to challenge the might of the Daleks.” 

EVE Online x Doctor Who introduces new, Gallifrey-themed space where players will search for artifacts from Doctor Who’s Great Time War. The artifacts will provide players with clues to track down Daleks and face them in battle. Players who survive the fight will reap rewards that they can take back to New Eden. Additionally, a login campaign with skill points and “Doctor Who”-themed items will be available to all players throughout the duration of the event. 


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