Asian Broadcasters Buy Nick Series

Broadcasters across China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Korea have signed up for multiple seasons of Nickelodeon’s top series.

China’s BesTV will air multiple Nickelodeon properties encapsulating preschool, tween and teen series including “Penguins of Madagascar” (seasons one through three), “Fanboy & Chum Chum” (seasons one and two), “Team Umuzoomi” (seasons one through three), “Fairly Odd Parents” (seasons five through eight) and “Go, Diego, Go!” (seasons one through four).

Chinese free-to-air broadcaster Toonmax Media Company has snapped up “Dora the Explorer” (seasons one through five), “Fanboy & Chum Chum” (season one) and the first three seasons of “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron.”

In Japan, pay-TV broadcaster Buena Vista has invested in “Penguins of Madagascar” (seasons one and two), while Thai free-to-air broadcaster Public Broadcasting Service has bought “Dora the Explorer” (seasons four through seven) via POD Worldwide.

Korea’s Medialog Corporation has picked up season one of “Ni-Hao,” “Kai-Lan,” “Bubble Guppies” and “Dora the Explorer,” as well as “Fairly Odd Parents” (seasons seven and eight) and Avatar (season two).

Meanwhile, Singapore’s free-to-air broadcaster MediaCorp’s Okto channel has opted for more “Kung Fu Panda” (season three) and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (season two).