'Alphablocks' Adds Phonics Skills App

Blue Zoo has released its second app featuring the popular CBeebies show.

EUROPE–Blue Zoo Animation, the animation studio behind the preschool series “Alphablocks,” has released a new app based on show, called “Alphablocks Letter Fun.” 

Building on the success of the “Alphablocks” TV show, “Alphablocks Letter Fun,” aims to help young users develop their phonics skills through four mini-games–Bubble pop!, Paint me!, Favorite things and Hide and seek–as well as encourage users grasp the concept of letters and sounds. The app also gives users a choice to learn through letter sounds, letter names or a sing along with the “Alphablocks” alphabet song.

Furthermore, Blue Zoo is currently producing the app for "Numberblocks," an "Alphablocks" spin-off.

“Alphablocks Letter Fun” is now available on the App Store and Google Play.