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‘Redakai’ Gets Second Screen App


Gulli TV and co-producer Marathon Media (part of Zodiak Kids) are planning the first-ever second-screen app for an animated series in France, for their series “Redakai: Conquer the Kairu.”

By downloading the free Gulli app and accessing “The Big Redakai Challenge” viewers will be able to interact with the show while they watch.

Fans can interact with the show’s plot, win prizes and collect virtual trading cards. There are 12 new cards to be found in the last 13 episodes of the series.

“For the new generation of viewers, television is no longer a passive experience,” says Gwenaelle Le Cocguen, director of Internet and new media, Lagardère Active TV Centre. “Television has become overwhelmingly social and interactive. Gulli is now able to offer an immersive entertainment experience for a program, providing a perfect synergy between television and mobile devices. We are extremely pleased that ‘Redakai,’ an animated series that we co-produced, will be the first program to showcase this experience.”