‘Office’ Products to Continue Beyond Show


Quill.com’s Dunder Mifflin-branded office products will have a significant presence at “The Office” wrap party as the TV series closes out its ninth and final season.

Launched in late 2011, the line, based on the fictional company from the series, has since grown from copy paper to a full range of product including ruled pads, Sharpies, sticky squares, storage boxes and Dixie cups. The brand's distribution expanded from the U.S. into Canada earlier this year.

"The Dunder Mifflin brand's momentum proves that it will be one of the show's enduring legacies," says Paul Bessinger, director of innovation, Quill.com. "We want to remind people that while first-run episodes may be ending, a growing list of thousands of companies continues to have a little bit of 'The Office' in their office."

Joy Tashjian Marketing Group brokered the original agreement between NBCUniversal and Quill.com.

"The Office" Wrap Party is being held May 4 in Scranton, Pa., where the sitcom is based, and will include a behind-the-scenes roundtable, a parade and street festival and a farewell celebration.