Emily the Strange Gets Global Partners

As Emily the Strange celebrates its 20th anniversary, Cosmic Debris has announced a range of deals for the brand including new agents in Asia and Latin America, a comic book series and the launch of a web store in Europe.

Promotional Partners Worldwide will work with European agent Sagoo to bring Emily the Strange to Asia including China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; and Exim Licensing Group has taken on the brand in all of Latin American, including Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

In a new publishing partnership, Dark Horse Comics will launch a full-color Emily the Strange comic book series, with the first issue hitting stands this week in the U.S. The series, called Emily and the Strangers, will feature limited edition covers by guest artists and will expand to other countries at a later date.

Emily licensee Maqet will add to its line of collectible figures with new designs by guest artists in 2013. The figures are available in two sizes, 5.5-inch and 7-inch, and each design is limited to a run of 100 dolls.

Finally, La Boutique Officielle was launched over the holiday season, featuring Emily the Strange merchandise for customers throughout Europe. The France-based site features apparel and accessories from European licensees.