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Top Highlights from CES 2017

Top Highlights from CES 2017
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, held from Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nev., once again featured a raft of new tech initiatives in addition to a number of licensed products.

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more were the driving factors of this year’s CES event.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, held from Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nev., once again featured a raft of new tech initiatives in addition to a number of licensed products.

Similar to the last several years, virtual reality continued to steal the show through a variety of new platforms. However, streaming content and intelligent personal assistants also rose in the ranks during this year’s show.

Several highlights from this year’s show include:

  • Honda Dream Drive VR Experience
    Honda and DreamWorks Animation joined forces to demonstrate Honda’s new, in-car augmented and virtual reality content featuring the animated movie Trolls. The collaboration is focused on creating a software that will enable passengers to immerse themselves in a VR world triggered by the motion of the vehicle, enhancing the in-vehicle experience through new ways of delivering entertainment.
  • Disney Kids TV
    The Disney Kids TV is a new kids’ media streaming box that will allow users to stream content from a variety of channels, play pre-recorded media, listen to music, play games and more. It comes pre-loaded with Disney TV series, movies and games. Created with licensee Snakebyte, the box will also have access to Google Play, which will allow users to also access apps such as Netflix and Hulu through it.
  • Corona Audio Accessories
    Constellation Brands tapped CJ Global for a line of Corona-branded electronic products, including speakers, coolers, power banks, headphones and earbuds. The Joester Loria Group, Constellation Brands’ exclusive licensing agent, brokered the deals.
  • Cirque du Soleil VR
    Cirque du Soleil and Felix & Paul Studios launched a new virtual reality experience, titled Dreams of “O.” The new experience will explore the multiple facets of the Cirque du Soleil aquatic show “O” and will feature a 12-minute, 360-degree 3D experience comprised of aerial acrobatics, dives, fire and surreal amphibious characters.
  • Mattel’s Aristotle
    Mattel’s Nabi brand unveiled the first-of-its-kind connected kids room platform. The voice-activated, AI-driven home platform is designed to aid parents in protecting, developing and nurturing their children. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Qualcomm Technologies and Silk Labs, Aristotle begins as an advanced baby monitor and evolves with the child as their needs change from infancy to adolescence. The evolved programs include the ability to listen to music, play two-player voice games, teach foreign languages and more.
  • Power Rangers VR Experience
    Lionsgate, in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, revealed a new virtual reality experience based on its upcoming film Power Rangers. The new experience, titled “Power Rangers: Zords Rising” allows audiences to enter the colossal assault vehicle of their favorite Power Ranger and embody their powers and capabilities.
  • Jasco Unveils Branded Merchandise
    Jasco Products was tapped by Energizer, Honeywell and Philips to create a raft of themed electronics for each brand respectively. Jasco’s new products include Energizer-branded LED home-lighting solutions, including LED wall, ceiling and cabinet fixtures, outdoor fixtures, battery-operated fixtures and nightlights; Honeywell-themed wireless home automation products as well as power and connectivity solutions such as appliance controls, timers, smart lighting and more; and Philips-branded accessory products including mobile USB and USB-C charging, battery pack products and cables, surge protectors, antennas, remotes and more.
  • Allure Selfie Cases
    Beauty magazine Allure partnered with Case-Mate to launch co-branded selfie cases. The new cases will include adjustable, professional-grade lighting that will illuminate the user’s face while taking a selfie and will be available beginning this March.
  • Razer’s Project Ariana
    Razer’s new Project Ariana gaming project takes environmental information from within a video game and projects it around a room, virtually engulfing a player in real-time action previously reserved for on-screen entertainment. Although it doesn’t feature any licensed properties, the technology could be expanded to include a host of video game brands, creating a new, innovative experience unlike any other currently available.
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