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Editor's Note

With summer movie season upon us—the opening of Spiderman 3 last week officially launched the first salvo—the impact of Hollywood on the licensing industry is reaching a fever pitch. But not all film-related product has to be tied in to today’s hot releases. In her April feature on legendary studio MGM, Associate Editor Alyson Grala notes that the company is looking to its archives for new licensing properties. Currently MGM is digging into its massive film library and bundling specific titles together under specific themes, such as “Soul Cinema” and “Midnight Movies.” The studio also is looking to develop a fashion and lifestyle brand around the Some Like It Hot moniker, a reference to its 1959 comedy classic, which cemented Marilyn Monroe as an iconic sex symbol. Other classics in the vault being expanded as licensed brands include Rocky and The Pink Panther.

With a wealth of product in its archives, MGM is proving that not all licensing success is dependent on the next big movie—some of those properties have been right there all along, just waiting to be tapped.

Mike Browne
Managing Editor