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Editor's Note

Things have never been better for television fans worldwide. As TV explodes onto a host of new screens, the race is on to find more great programs to capture an increasingly savvy audience. And with thousands of content buyers attending this year’s MIPCOM audiovisual trade show in Cannes, there should be something new for everybody. A plethora of new programs is up for grabs, including new short-form entertainment for the emerging mobile and Internet TV markets. Adding to this year’s excitement, the divide between the international movie and TV worlds is becoming blurred as video-on-demand gains momentum and frees viewers from programming schedules.

As a result, this is expected to be the largest MIPCOM ever. A total of 13,485 participants and 4,251 buyers were signed up as of last week—those figures were an increase of 7.8 percent and 10.50 percent from 2006, respectively.

Let the excitement begin!

Michael Browne
Managing Editor