Editor's Letter


More than swimwear ...

In our interview this month, Andy Rubin (whose company, Pentland, owns Speedo, Red or Dead, Mitre and others) reinforces how important it is to think about the consumer and how you can extend your brand to offer the consumer new products specifically suited to their lifestyle. He also talks about the privilege of owning brands, and the challenge of achieving the best presentation at retail. It's nice to think it isn't just children's characters with that challenge. To test some retail presentation of our own, we surveyed Asda and Tesco superstores to see how each were using licensed products to complement their own brands. And in another comparison, we look back at how licensing for the football World Cup has evolved since the first major effort in 1966. FIFA anticipates some $2bn of retail sales this year. Reflecting an important consumer trend, Frederick Warne and Copyrights tell us about the social responsibility charter into which Peter Rabbit licensing will evolve. And we couldn't resist bringing you some hot picks for what is promising to be a colourful and inticing New York Licensing Show.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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