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From the Editor

Times are tough, sure, but a number of factors bode well for the art licensing business. The economy is struggling, but people who are postponing vacations or are unable to purchase bigger, nicer homes and are forgoing expensive home renovations are focusing on smaller upgrades that make their current home environments more appealing and uplifting. Home décor across all categories—from wall art to collectibles—stands to benefit hugely from that trend.

People are cutting back on eating out, but they also, more than ever, value times with friends and family. More and more, Saturday night means entertaining at home, whether it be a dinner party or a fun game night. Innovative and creative design in categories from tableware to barware to paper goods addresses the needs of consumers wanting to create a special experience at home.

The artist community also can be a place to find gift ideas that don't break the bank. Artists' unique work crosses myriad categories ideal for gift giving, from accessories and apparel to journals and diaries to picture frames. And their unique take on greeting cards helps to make a lasting impression when gift giving isn't in the budget.

And as we interviewed artists for this issue of Art of License, we found one sentiment echoed over and over again: Artists are coming to market with messages and designs that are fun and uplifting, looking to give consumers some relief from today's gloom and doom, and that's a message consumers will want to hear now and in the many months to come.