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Maille Launches Maille Hot Honey Dijon Made with Mike's Hot Honey

The new spicy-sweet mustard combines Brooklyn flavor with the French product. (Photo Credit: Mallie Mustard)

Maille, a French producer of mustard, vinegar and French cornichons, has announced the launch of its new mustard, Maille Hot Honey Dijon, made with Mike's Hot Honey. Maille tapped America's hot honey brand, Mike's Hot Honey, to create the new spicy-sweet Dijon. 

The new hot honey Dijon marks the first joining of these two brands in one gourmet product. Beginning with their classic Dijon Originale smooth mustard, a recipe that dates to the brand's founding in 1747, Maille then added sweet heat with Mike's proprietary Hot Honey formula. The result is a spicy but sweet, creamy and tangy, wholly unique condiment.  

"The Mike's Hot Honey team has always loved Maille Mustard,” says Mike Kurtz, founder, Mike's Hot Honey, “When I tasted the final product, I was completely blown away by the harmony of the two flavors. We're excited to have contributed to a new product that combines the best aspects of both Maille's mustard and our hot honey, and to give foodies and fans a new way to enjoy a little sweet heat on their favorite foods."  

“This was a natural fit for both brands, given that both Maille Dijon and Mike's Hot Honey are loved across the country, and even around the world,” says Brandon Collins, sommelier, Maille's Mustard. “The Maille Hot Honey Dijon Mustard with Mike's Hot Honey is unlike any other condiment on the grocery shelf." 

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