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Fazoli's Heads to the Supermarket

Fazoli’s Restaurants has partnered with Retail Innovations to launch a line of refrigerated Italian dinners at grocery stores across the U.S. The Valen Group negotiated the deal.

The new line of entrees and sides are inspired by the fare at the U.S. chain restaurant.

“This strategy will drive revenue and keep consumers thinking about Fazoli’s even when they are not eating out,” says Carl T. Howard, president and chief executive officer, Fazoli’s. “Having dramatically improved the variety and quality of our restaurant food puts us in a great position to extend the Fazoli’s brand to the retail market.”

Fazoli’s food items have already launched in the refrigerated meat section at several national grocery chains including Shop ‘n Save, A & P and Marsh Foods, with further expansion planned for the coming months.

“Fazoli’s is uniquely positioned to provide innovation and excitement to this category,” says Janna Markle, vice president of licensing, The Valen Group. “We identified refrigerated entrees and sides as an area where the brand could differentiate from competitive products and offer the consumer convenient, Italian at-home meals. We believe this brand can win with these restaurant-quality products in retail grocery.”