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Uglydoll to Make Chinese Debut

Global Pursuit has signed a retail agreement with Galeries Lafayette China to introduce Uglydoll-branded apparel, accessories and other products through its flagship store in Beijing.

Global Pursuit represents the property on behalf of brand owner Pretty Ugly in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. 

“Global Pursuit has developed the ideal method for introducing the Uglydoll characters and brand to the consumers of China,” says Alita Friedman, chief brand officer, Pretty Ugly. “The agreement with Galeries Lafayette China underscores Uglydoll’s unique, creative positioning as a specialty brand and conveys the passion and commitment we share with Global Pursuit when it comes to nurturing and growing the Uglydoll brand worldwide.”

Galeries Lafayette China is a 50/50 joint venture between the French department store and Hong Kong-based fashion retailer I.T. Ltd. The partners’ first store opened in Beijing in September.

In addition to developing retail programs for Uglydoll, Global Pursuit is also working to enhance the Uglydoll brand experience in the region in categories such as apparel, accessories, stationery, publishing and toys.

“Galeries Lafayette, in addition to being the symbol of French ‘art de vivre,’ is home to the world’s premium brands and hottest designers,” says Cynthia Money, president, Global Pursuit. “When they approached Pretty Ugly with an interest to introduce the Uglydoll brand products to the consumers of China, they knew a retail partnership would position the brand at the cutting edge of fashion and innovation.”