Hello Kitty Takes Flight

A Hello Kitty airliner, developed by Sanrio and the Taiwan-based airline EVA Air, made its U.S. debut Wednesday as the branded plane arrived in Los Angeles after its first international flight.

The plane is part of a fleet of Hello Kitty jets (each of which has its own design) that have been flying throughout Asia for two years. 

The new Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand plane will operate weekly international flights from Los Angeles, Calif., to Taipei, Taiwan.

The plane arrived from Taiwan on the same day that LAX celebrated the re-opening of the newly re-designed Tom Bradley International Terminal and along with it the airport's new Sanrio shop. 

The plane is painted nose to tail with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters holding hands, hence the jet's name. 

In addition to a branded exterior the EVA Hello Kitty jets feature more than 100 branded service items including headrests, pillow covers, tissues, soap, hand lotion, paper cups, utensils, bottles, snack food and ice cream. Apparently the toilet paper is such a hot commodity that flight staff has had problems with theft in the past. Luckily for travelers, the planes Sky Mall features a full range of Hello Kitty items.

EVA chairman Captain K.W. Chang, who was also the pilot that took the plane on its first international flight, said that he launched the Hello Kitty planes two years ago because he wanted to "create fans of planes again."

Available for purchase in the Sky Mall