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Duck Dynasty Tops Costume List


For the fourth year in a row, pop culture reigns supreme for Halloween costume inspiration with Duck Dynasty bushy beards and The Walking Dead zombies topping the list of this year’s favorites, according to thrift retailer Savers’ annual Halloween Shopping Survey.

Similar to years past, nearly 50 percent of respondents think movies and TV shows are the best costume inspiration.

Nearly one in two costume wearers plan to deck themselves out in camo and big beards a la "Duck Dynasty," which beat out other top contenders including the Royal family and the newest Kardashian brood: Kim, Kanye and North West.

For the third consecutive year, survey respondents chose “The Walking Dead” as the TV show that most inspires their costume.

Additionally, more than 30 percent of respondents will draw inspiration from superhero movies this year, with Wolverine, Iron Man and Superman as top picks. Thirty-one percent will draw inspiration from animated films including Monsters University and Despicable Me.