DreamWorks Picks Up Felix the Cat

DreamWorks Animation has acquired the classic property Felix the Cat, which will fold into the DreamWorks Classics portfolio.

Since his debut in 1919, Felix has starred in more than 100 short films, three cartoon series, comics, a feature film and was the first-ever balloon to appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“Felix is one of America’s greatest icons from animation history,” says Michael Connolly, head of global consumer products, DreamWorks Animation. “As we approach its 100-year anniversary, our plans are to make this one of the most desired tween/teen/adult fashion brands in the world.”

The acquisition grants DWA rights to the entirety of the Felix cartoons, of which 260 were already in the DreamWorks Classics library.

“I felt a responsibility to Felix and my family to align myself with the biggest and best animation company in the world, DreamWorks Animation. At DreamWorks, I know Felix will get the full star treatment that he deserves and that he will be reintroduced to new generations of Felix fans,” says Don Oriolo, president, Felix the Cat Productions. Oriolo’s father, Joe, acquired and designed the modern Felix character.

Oriolo and his son, Mike, will continue to remain involved with the property, acting as consultants to DWA.

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