Disney U.K. Teams with Change4Life

Disney is teaming up with Change4Life in the U.K. for a campaign to encourage children to meet the minimum 60 minutes of exercise they need each day.

Disney characters will be featured alongside the Change4Life animated family, produced by Aardman Animations, to create exclusive content for schools, TV, print and online media, social channels and face-to-face events.

By helping children do a few extra 10-minute bursts of daily activity, Change4Life and Disney aim to get the country moving for an additional 100 million minutes over the summer.

“Imagine having your children’s favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Sulley or Olaf on hand to inspire them to get active; that’s the vision for the summer campaign for Change4Life,” says Marianthi O’Dwyer, vice president, head of Living Well, the Walt Disney Company. “For many years children and families have enjoyed Disney’s timeless storytelling and wonderful characters, this partnership is about bringing those stories to life through simple, fun activities to help children get the daily exercise they need.”

The 10-Minute Shake Up campaign will run for six weeks beginning July 15.

“Evidence shows that children have a unique bond with Disney as a brand, their stories and its characters,” says Sheila Mitchell, marketing director, Public Health England. “By utilizing this already established connection we aim to drive our keeping active messages among children and families, helping Public Health England to push forward with the goal of helping more families to eat well, move more and live longer.