C3 Plans Three Stooges Figures


C3 Entertainment has signed a worldwide deal with Figures Toy Company for a range of 8-inch Three Stooges collectible figures.

“Figures Toy Company will be doing Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp collectible figures and they will be dressed in colorful outfits from some of the most memorable scenes from The Three Stooges shorts,” says Ani Khachoian, executive vice president, licensing and consumer products, C3. “Figures produces high-end collectibles that will have appeal to Three Stooges fans, comedy fans in general and collectors of classic entertainment figures.”

Growing up, some of my favorite films were from the Three Stooges. There was so much more to their films than just slapstick comedy. They were brilliant,” says Steve Sandberg of Figures Toy Company. “Adding The Three Stooges to our collection allows us to bring one of the most iconic brands and characters to collectors.”