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AALMG to Rep Hatfield & McCoy

All American Licensing & Management Group been appointed to develop a comprehensive licensing strategy for the Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family brand.

The Hatfield-McCoy battle is one of the most notorious family feuds in American folklore. The two real-life families, who have buried the hatchet, have inspired movies, cartoons, music, game shows, books, art, a television series and tourism. One hundred and fifty years on, the two clans still live along the West Virginia and Kentucky border, working the coal mines and now legally manufacturing whiskey and other spirits.

“The tapestry of the Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family brand is richly woven with one the most infamous and widely known stories in American folklore, direct descendants of the feud coming together for the first time in more than 150 years, and AALMG is excited to be a part of combining this historic craftsmanship and ancestral recipes,” says Bill Freeman, partner, AALMG.

AALMG will develop a unique line of products that incorporate the history, culture and craftsmanship of these two iconic families.

“Partnering with AALMG will allow both the Hatfield and McCoy families to share not only their expertise in spirit-making but also the countless family recipes and other products that make up a significant part of their daily lives,” says Monsell Darville, managing partner, the Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family brand.