CBS Adds to Star Trek Art Program

CBS Consumer Products has teamed up with Bif Bang Pow! to create a line of novelty and home items featuring the Star Trek: The Original Series art program.

Inspired by “Star Trek: The Original Series,” the new art program features 80 movie-style pieces of art featuring every episode of the first Star Trek series.

Bif Bang Pow!’s line will include products such as tins and drinkware. Fans can now pre-order the first product to come from the new partnership, a series of shot glasses featuring the first 16 pieces of art in the series. Each month a new set of four additional pieces of art will be available to order.

"For close to 50 years, the characters of the Star Trek universe have taken us where no one has gone before, and now Bif Bang Pow! will be transporting all-new collectibles into homes and offices all over the world," says Jason Lenzi, chief executive officer, Bif Bang Pow! "We couldn't be more excited for fans to seek out what we have planned for the final frontier."

Earlier this month CBS announced a similar partnership with Pyramid International in the U.K. for posters featuring the new art designs. To read more, click here.