Suzy’s Zoo Stops In Hong Kong

Lawless Entertainment and Dina Asia Pacific Company have struck a deal with Suzy’s Zoo, children’s illustrations from artist Suzy Spafford and Teammate Hong Kong Limited. 

Lawless Entertainment is the worldwide agent for Suzy’s Zoo, and Dina Asia Pacific Co. represents Suzy’s Zoo for licensing and merchandising in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Teammate Hong Kong will use artwork from Suzy’s Zoo to create promotional gifts and premium items for B2B and festive products for retail channels such as bookstores, supermarkets and convenience stores. Teammate Hong Kong has also signed up as a promotion partner for shopping mall decoration and festive events.

“We are more than thrilled to see the wonderful characters of Suzy’s Zoo reach this market in Hong Kong and Macau,” says Cathy Malatesta, president, Lawless Entertainment.  “The B2B gifting and premium segment is one that is new for the brand, and one that is sure to see much success.”