Naked Cowboy Inspires Bobbleheads

Times Square performer expands into collectibles with standalone and custom bobbleheads.

The Naked Cowboy has partnered with BobbleBoss to manufacture and distribute bobbleheads featuring the New York City street performer.

The collection will include custom bobbleheads as fans dressed as the Naked Cowboy or dressed normally, standing next to the Naked Cowboy. It will also include standalone bobbleheads of the street performer.

"Since the Naked Cowboy is such an iconic and famous attraction of Times Square, BobbleBoss made the decision to pursue a licensing agreement with one of the biggest tourist landmarks in the city," says Andrew Hazen, co-founder, BobbleBoss. "our license with the Naked Cowboy offers fans and tourists of New York City a very unique opportunity to own a great collectible item, and I'm very excited to offer that to our customers."

The Naked Cowboy bobbleheads are now available online at as well as in souvenir stores in New York City.