Licensing Innovators–Celessence Scents

Celessence Technologies has launched an innovative new brand extension–scented micro-capsules that can be incorporated into textiles and printed products.

The new technology allows brand to incorporate fragrances or skincare actives into a range of merchandise including clothing, home goods, lingerie and more durable materials such as car mats and pet products. The scents activate through touch, friction or motion.

Licensees such as Franco Manufacturing, Springs Global, Who-Rae, Delta Galil, Calendar Club, Russ Berrie and Travelpro are already working on co-branded, scented products with brands such as Febreze, Serta, Hello Kitty and Little MissMatched.

For example, bedding company Springs Global is working with Celessence and Febreze to create a line of pillows and mattress pads that carry Febreze scents.

Celessence has tapped Art + Science to help bring the technology to brands through licensing agreements.

“This innovation in scent technology from Celessence Technologies will change the way companies bring product to market,” says Stone Newman, chief executive officer and founder, Art + Science. “We are excited to partner Celessence with major brands and partners to add scent, freshness and skincare benefits into so many great products for consumers nationwide.”

“Scent has a subtle, but powerful way of affecting our mind and emotions through the sense of smell,” says Shibani Mohindra, marketing director, Celessence Technologies. “The products featuring our extraordinary encapsulation technology will result in products that engage consumers from touch to smell.”