Ford Speeds into Watch Deal

Autodromo’s new range will include pieces for general Ford enthusiasts as well as customizable pieces exclusively for owners of the Ford GT.

NORTH AMERICA–The Ford Motor Company has teamed up with Autodromo, a New York-based watch and accessories company inspired by the “golden age of motoring,” to create a range of watches inspired by the Ford GT.

Global Icons, Ford’s licensing agent, brokered the deal.

The collaboration will see the development of two watches: the Ford GT Owner’s Edition, a customizable piece exclusively for owners of the Ford GT, and the GT Endurance Chronograph, a ‘60s-inspired watch that celebrates the racing heritage of the Ford GT and will be available to all Ford enthusiasts.

“The intent with the two watches is to essentially tell the story of one watch that has evolved over time just as the car has evolved over time,” says Bradley Price, designer and founder, Autodromo. “So, in a way we started with the watch from today and ‘back-dated’ it to what it may have looked like in the past.”

The Ford GT Owner’s Edition watch will be available for order in spring 2018, while the GT Endurance Chronograph watch is now available for preorder via

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