Ford Preps for Mustang’s 50th


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mustang, Ford is creating a custom logo that will be used exclusively by 50 select licensees in honor of the milestone.

The new logo was crafted by Ford designer Michael Thompson and features the brand’s trademark galloping pony in silhouette over the words “50 Years.”

Planned products including die-cast models, video games, watches and apparel.

The first of the 50 licensees to join the program is Schott NYC, known best for its Perfecto leather jacket. Schott is planning a limited edition leather jacket for the Mustang anniversary that will be released later this year.

“During its first 49 years of production, Mustang has come to evoke a variety of emotions in our customers–freedom, independence and being true to one’s self, just to name a few,” says John Nens, team lead for global brand licensing, Ford. “We’re working closely with our licensees to ensure every item reflects the unique qualities of Mustang. Like the car itself, we want our licensed products to convey an attitude of strength, passion and the highest quality.”