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Brick Lane Bikes Rides with New Agent

British bike brand Brick Lane Bikes has appointed recently established London-based consultancy firm Foundry Brand Consultants to gear up its licensing program.

Located in London's East End, BLB was one of Europe's first fixed wheel and track bike shops and still serves the community today.

In March 2013, BLB collaborated with H&M to create a capsule collection of biking garments. FBC will now work with BLB to further develop the brand by partnering with licensees in Southeast Asia, Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

"Being a keen cyclist myself, I've watched over the years the growth of the urban cycling scene alongside the importance and relevance of the global cycling movement as a whole,” says Mike Smith, founder, FBC. “In the U.K. alone, with the government's commitment to schemes like Boris Bikes and ride-2-work, our recent successes in the Olympics and Tour de France and anecdotally just how many people you see on bikes these days, I believe cycling is only going to grow and Brick Lane Bikes are a very relevant brand to be developing with in this way."