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Ninja Life Hacks Expands with Fashion Angels

Stationery, crafts, accessories and classroom décor are among the new products in the licensed deal.

Children’s publishing property Ninja Life Hacks has announced its license agreement with Fashion Angels for stationery, crafts, accessories and classroom décor products. The products are based on the book series featuring more than 60 Ninja Life Hacks characters, including Confident Ninja, Focus Ninja, Positive Ninja and others. The partnership between Ninja Life Hacks and Fashion Angels was created by The Brand Liaison as licensing agent for Ninja Life Hacks.

“As we begin to exit these difficult times, it is even more evident that socialization and re-entry to a new normal is essential for children,” says Jeffrey Fisher, president, Fashion Angels. “By partnering with Ninja Life Hacks, we feel this brand delivers compelling stories and usable life lessons that are essential to kids and parents alike. By utilizing our innovative arts, crafts and other businesses to align with these messages, we feel our products will help kids and families have fun while dealing with the obstacles that they may face.”

This collection will launch on in spring 2022, ahead of National Mental Health Month in May. In addition to the initial e-commerce launch, the targeted distribution for the Ninja Life Hacks line includes both traditional retailers and outlets like Lakeshore, Really Good Stuff and School Specialty.

The Ninja Life Hacks product line from Fashion Angels will focus on three categories: Emotions/Feelings, Growth Mindset and Social/ Emotional Learning. The featured Ninja Life Hacks characters provide tools such as breathing techniques to ease stress, a checklist to stay organized and the “3 Rs” to relieve anxiety: Recognize, Relax and Refocus.

“Life is stressful for children,” says Mary Nhin, author, Ninja Life Hacks. “These Ninja Life Hacks products are so much more than crafts, supplies and classroom decorations. The featured characters all have rich backstories and practical strategies that cultivate self-confidence, provide tools to cope with difficult emotions and, above all, prepare students with emotional intelligence for life’s challenges.”

The Brand Liaison is currently expanding the Ninja Life Hacks brand beyond the core book series and is seeking partners for toys, plush, learning development games, apparel, accessories, sleepwear, food and more.

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