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Aconyte, Cmon to Collab for ‘Zombicide’ Novels

The novels will soon be playable by fans.

Asmodee Entertainment has announced that Aconyte, the new fiction imprint of global games group Asmodee, has secured a multi-year agreement with CMON – Cool Mini or Not for long-time fans – to create brand new novels set in the worlds of their “Zombicide” range of games.

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“We designed the ‘Zombicide’ games to tell exciting stories populated with iconic characters who had unique personalities that came through in the gameplay,” says David Preti, chief operating officer, CMON. “We wanted each play session to feel like its own pulp novel. We’re so happy to have a great partner in Aconyte, who understands the world and tone of the game, and is going to put these stories in prose for the first time.”

Aconyte plans to produce novels set in the worlds of some of Asmodee’s most popular games and feature a host of characters from the Marvel comics universe. The list of properties debuted in early September, with sales and distribution handled by Simon & Schuster.

“We love ‘Zombicide,’ for the all-out mayhem of the game, the passion of its dedicated following – and the lovingly detailed (and incredibly deadly) worlds that its designers have created,” says Marc Gascoigne, publisher, Aconyte. “There are a whole bunch of stories we want to create, to explore their secrets further.”

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