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Aconyte Books Comes to Italy

Asmodee Italia brings the Aconyte range home, with translated editions of their range of novels based on games.

The Italian games and books publisher has signed a deal that covers all of the U.K.-based publisher’s novels derived from Asmodee’s fantasy games.

Opening the list will be The Wrath of N’kai, by Josh Reynolds. It’s the first title in the Arkham Horror series, derived from the board game inspired by the universe of H.P. Lovecraft and his successors.

It’s accompanied by Tales from the Crucible, an anthology of stories from the world of the Crucible from the game “KeyForge.” This first pair will be followed by titles from “Twilight Imperium,” “Descent: Legends of the Dark” and “The Legend of Five Rings.”

“We are really excited to start this new adventure with Aconyte,” says Massimo Bianchini, country manager, Asmodee Italia. “Our slogan is Great Games, Amazing Stories, and with this project, stories will be even more at the center of our mission. We know that many fans of our games are also great readers, but we believe that this is also a way to get closer to a completely new audience for us, and it’s a challenge that we can’t wait to explore.”

Here’s the announced schedule of Italian releases so far, with more planned:

  • Arkham Horror: La Collera di N’kai [The Wrath of N’Kai] May 25, 2021;
  • KeyForge: Racconti del Crogiolo [Tales from the Crucible] May 25, 2021;
  • Descent: Il Destino di Fallowhearth [The Doom of Fallowhearth] June 25, 2021;
  • Twilight Imperium: Il Varco nel Vuoto [The Fractured Void] October 25, 2021; and
  • Arkham Horror: L’Ultimo Rituale [The Last Ritual] 25 October 2021.
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