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Harris Reed Gets Dolled Up with MAC Cosmetics

The fashion designer is making a foray into the beauty industry.

Designer Harris Reed has teamed with MAC Cosmetics to create a four-piece makeup collection.

The new line, according to Allure, is a “collection celebrating not only the Victorian-meets-glam-rock aesthetic Reed has brought to the fashion world but also the message of fluidity, inclusivity and acceptance that drives their work.” Reed was introduced to makeup at a young age and felt its power in expressing individuality.

"I was so blown away by the power that this small thing in your hand had to really show different sides of yourself, show different aspects of your personality, your individuality," Reed told Allure. "That relationship with makeup is still my approach today with everything I do. It's this idea of putting something on that enhances and brings out a side of yourself. You're not becoming someone else, you're not trying to be someone else, you're literally pulling from within."

Reed was fully involved with the creation of the makeup line, from the shades and products themselves to the packaging.

"Every single name in the collection is based on daily affirmations I tell myself," says Reed. "Whether it's 'embrace your duality' or 'spark conversation,' I want men, women, non-binary people and you to be able to pull it out and to put on the best version of themselves. They're putting on an affirmation; they're putting on something that it's really helping them enhance and showcase who they are."

The packaging reflects Reed’s designs and sketches, representing multiple different facets of Reed’s aesthetic.

The collection includes lipsticks, compacts, eyeshadows, kohls and more and releases on Feb. 19.

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