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Brand Finance: Ferrari Is World’s Most Powerful Brand

According to The Brand Finance Global 500 study, Ferrari has topped the list as the world’s most-powerful brand.

Ferrari has topped The Brand Finance Global 500 list. The Italian carmaker scored highly on multiple measures on Brand Finance’s brand strength index including desirability, loyalty and consumer sentiment to visual identity, online presence and employee satisfaction.

Ferrari is one of only 11 brands to be awarded an AAA+ brand rating and has the highest overall score. Other brands in the AAA+ distinction include Google, Hermès, Disney, Coca-Cola, Rolex and F1 racing rivals Red Bull.

“The prancing horse on a yellow badge is instantly recognizable the world over, even where paved roads have yet to reach,” says David Haigh, chief executive, Brand Finance. “In its home country and among its many admirers worldwide, Ferrari inspires more than just brand loyalty, more of a cultish, even quasi-religious devotion, its brand power is indisputable.”

Though Ferrari holds the title of the most powerful brand, the niche luxury car company does not hold the title as the world’s most valuable. It ranks No. 350 in terms of brand value with its U.S. $4 billion brand value. Apple tops the most-valuable brand list, with its U.S. $105 billion brand value.

“Apple also has a powerful brand, rated AAA by Brand Finance,” says Haigh. “However, what sets it apart is its ability to monetize that brand. For example, though tablets were in use before the iPad, it was the application of the Apple brand to the concept that captured the public imagination and allowed it to take off as a commercial reality.”

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