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Are there any new global licensing trends developing for visual artists?

Carole Postal, president of CopCorp Licensing

"One of the developing global trends is the new frontier of Urban Vinyl. Urban Vinyl art can range from fun to scary, cute to sexy, kids to adults, or anywhere in between, and we've found that the best examples seem to have a very strong pop-culture appeal. Best of all from a licensing standpoint, Urban Vinyl is (practically by definition) designed to be perfect for all sorts of 2-D and 3-D product applications. This art form is expanding and maturing very quickly as creative artists from all around the world take Urban Vinyl into new frontiers beyond its 'designer toy' origins."

Paul Cohen, president, Creatif Licensing, and Marcy Silverman, vice president marketing, Creatif Licensing

"As licensing agents, we are constantly taking the pulse of design needs for the industry. Few manufacturers are truly global players from a distribution standpoint, but they are global from the perspective of design, sourcing, and supply. In order to supply visual art, one must concentrate on what sells in the domestic markets, with an insight into how we are influenced by global trends. The process of globalization and the impact it has on product development of licensed goods will continue to effect design, trend, manufacturing, and price structure.

"Design trends are based on observations of lifestyles, industry, and cultures. Identifying trends on a global basis means absorbing a plethora of information, which includes, observing new products and techniques, reading trade magazines, media, and Internet sources, and attending a variety of international and domestic tradeshows. The data is compressed to identify recurring themes and it is our task to use this data to create innovative design. It is the creative talent of the artists and designers, as well as diversity, that keeps the global markets moving."

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