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Licensing 8,000 Years of Chinese History: Artistory Signs the National Palace Museum

In Taiwan, the National Palace Museum has tasked cultural licensing agency Artistory to bring new branded products, licensed goods, and brand extensions to Europe, Asia, and North America.

With almost 700,000 artifacts, the National Palace Museum collection consists of ceramics, paintings, fashion and items “spanning 8,000 years of Chinese history,” according to global licensing agent, Artistory.  

Artistory, licensing agents focused on culture and heritage, are now tasked with bringing the National Palace Museum’s cultural artifacts to the world through branded products, reach a global audience and help preserve the museum itself through the sale of licensed goods.

“It’s an honor to announce the National Palace Museum as our first client in Asia,” says Yizan He, founder, Artistory. “We’re already developing our design trends and themes for 2022 and 2023 and have selected several artifacts from the National Palace Museum collections for inclusion in those trends, the first to launch next year will accompany a big celebration. We look forward to bringing the stories and history of thousands of years of Chinese cultural heritage to a global audience within truly ‘East Meets West’ inspired ranges.”

Using its own “Artifacts to Merchandise” method, Artistory has announced it will be creating annual art and cultural collections of original design assets including illustrations, patterns and prints inspired by the National Palace Museum’s archives for use by European and North American licensees.

The licensees will then aid the growth and prosperity of the museum as it looks to grow its offerings in categories including apparel, accessories, home décor, stationery and more.

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