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Taiwan Art Company Makes Expo Debut

New Taiwanese contemporary art brand GP Deva is making its move into the world of licensing this week at Licensing Expo.

GP Deva, which was one of the first brands in Asia to combine fashion and art, owns the rights to many regional artists. The brand is aimed at promoting Chinese culture, contemporary arts and crafts and other cultural and creative industries.

Product opportunities include jewelry, furniture, leather goods, porcelain, watches, stationery, clothing, bedding, travel goods, and natural botanical skincare products.

At Licensing Expo this week the company is featuring artist Professor Lee Sun-Don's Treasure Gate and Wonderful Clouds series of paintings, Aman Kung Fu Boy’s sculpture series and Ma Sing Ling’s Floral Moon Duet and Spring Breeze series of paintings, along with work of nine other artists in booth A101

"A painting could be worth a lot of money and most people may not be able to afford buying the paintings. However when it becomes a commodity, something that will be used in everyday life, this gives everyone the ability to own a piece of artwork,” says Carol Chou, president, GP Deva. :Each product deeply embodies the rich heritage of Chinese culture, contemporary art and the latest fashion trends, so that consumers using the products naturally express a sophisticated and refined style.”