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Suzy’s Zoo Celebrates 45 Years


Art and design brand Suzy’s Zoo is celebrating its 45th anniversary with a series of new global licensing deals.

The brand, which was established by award-winning artist Suzy Spafford in 1968 as a line of greeting cards, has since grown to include more than 200 named characters on a wide range of social expression products.

In its 45-year history, more than 250 million Suzy’s Zoo greeting cards and more than 1 billion diapers have been sold worldwide. The brand has now begun to expand into digital products, most recently with a series of storybook apps.

Partners for the heritage brand include:

  • Pioneer Balloons for latex, foil, bubble and punchball balloons (U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia);
  • Hoffman California Fabrics for screen-printed fabrics utilizing the Classic Suzy’s Zoo character sets (U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe)
  • StickerYou, which will continue its personalized sticker offering online;
  • Joanna Sheen, which will continue to develop a variety of craft items for the brand that are available online throughout Europe and at specialty craft stores;
  • Flickback Media for greeting cards and calendars;
  • Dalmatian Press for books and coloring books;
  • Suncrest for nursery bedding and accessories (U.K. and Europe); and
  • University Games, which will continue to develop board, card, travel and electronic board games, color forms and jigsaw puzzles.