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Smiley Expands Merchandise Lineup

Emoticon brand teams for apparel, food, beauty products, stationery and more ahead of its 45th anniversary.

Smiley has revealed a host of new product launches, as well as two new licensees, to continue to expand its presence globally.

New branded merchandise includes:

  • Camilla Elphick for women’s footwear;
  • AZNAR Innova for sleepwear;
  • Body Rags for apparel and accessories;
  • Cheeky for kids and teenage apparel;
  • Stone Kids for women’s apparel;
  • Orchestra for babywear;
  • LPP for kids and adults apparel;
  • Poetic Gem for t-shirts;
  • SpreadShirt for customized apparel;
  • De Facto for women’s apparel;
  • Cotton On for women’s apparel;
  • Strategic Partners for scrubs;
  • Incidence for toiletry and beauty bags and mugs;
  • Fire Design for fire extinguishers;
  • House of Trendz for gifts, storage boxes, stickers and signs;
  • Hillman for pet accessories;
  • Anthaix for back-to-school bags and stationery;
  • Franco Cosimo Panini for bags, gifts, mugs and headphones;
  • Verlag Dominique for greeting cards;
  • Editions Cely for greeting cards;
  • Marpimar for greeting cards; gift wrap and gift bags;
  • Multiprint for stamps;
  • Buffalo Grill for promotional items;
  • Baeckens Books for publishing;
  • Dragon d’Or for publishing;
  • Admiranda for beauty and bodycare products;
  • Beverages L’Abeille for juices;
  • Compagnie Patissiere for tartlettes;
  • Fruselva for pure juices and smoothies;
  • Hellema for biscuits;
  • Lutti for jelly sweets;
  • Zaini for chocolate eggs;
  • Witors for chocolate Easter eggs;
  • Sevenday for cereal; and
  • Rolland R+R for ice cream.

Additionally, new partnerships for the brand’s 45th anniversary include Palladium for festival boots and Pretty Green for a men’s capsule collection.