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Deer Little Forest Plants Roots in Asia

Koko Rose Media has entered into a Pan-Asian deal to bring its arts and lifestyle property Deer Little Forest to five indoor activity theme parks across the region.

Honmoku File, Deer Little Forest’s agent in Japan, brokered the deal.

Under the terms of the agreement, Deer Little Forest will become the official mascot of five activity centers across Japan, Northern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Deer Little Forest will also provide visual branding and merchandise to each of the parks, including a full range of animal bakers, pilots, doctors, shopkeepers, construction workers and chefs (and more) from artist and creator Jo Jo Rose that will host the various sections of the park. The new characters will also appear in a set of books related to the activities within each theme park.

“It is a real breakthrough for Deer Little Forest to be chosen to brand a theme park since typically these projects go to much more established and commercial properties who financially sponsor the parks,” says Nobutaka Nagai, president, Honmoku File. “In this case, Deer Little Forest has been selected because of its potential to bring a fresh sense of fun and fantasy to the work experience theme park, thanks to the elegant and intelligent qualities of the brand. The result of this atypical choice of branding will result in a refreshingly original, unique and long-lasting identity to these parks-and an up-and-coming platform for Deer Little Forest in Asia. We look forward to working together with Koko Rose Media to make it a great success.”

The first Deer Little Forest Park is currently under construction and is set to open in Bangkok in June 2019. Four additional parks are slated to open in Japan, Northern Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore from 2020 through 2022, with plans to extend into China after. Each park will be given a localized name.

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